What is the pricing submission?

Our prices, investment and levels of service are reviewed every five years. We prepare a Pricing Submission that needs to be approved by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). We need to demonstrate that our prices and investment are prudent and meet our business requirements and are fair in terms of the impact on our customers and the community.

Our next Pricing Submission will cover 2023-2028 and we are starting to chat to customers and stakeholders to get their ideas, views and opinions to help inform decision making and shape our submission.

What to expect

We are looking to build on our existing engagement programs through some targeted engagement with key stakeholders and community to understand how we can help the region to 'live, grow and enjoy' now and into the future.

Specifically, we have some strategic planning and compliance needs to meet and we will engage with different customers and stakeholders to understand how we can meet their needs as well as fulfilling our obligations over the next five years.

Our engagement will be carried out in phases so customers will see and hear from us at different times over the next 12 months, we want to understand what is important to them and how we can provide services that represent value for money.