We have nine shire councils in our region. We deal with them regularly through various interactions at different levels across the business. Councils were invited to meet with us as well as complete a survey. Members of our Executive Leadership Team carried out interviews with eight councils and received feedback on a range of shared challenges that they face. This feedback was summarised and provided to the Community Panel.Having infrastructure available to support growth demands. Council resources have been prioritised to support the community through the impacts of COVID-19.

Intergenerational debt

Councils recognise the significant challenges in funding capital works in order to meet the growing needs of the region. They would like to collaborate more across our capital works programs and look for funding opportunities for the region together.

Community contributions

It is important to work together to ensure the priority green spaces are available for the community to enjoy. Joint initiatives like drinking fountains and 'Water Sensitive Bendigo' improve liveability.

Protecting against drought

Councils are a valuable stakeholder for the development of our Urban Water Strategy and integrated water management plans. They look to prioritise sustainable water practices that secure the water supply. This also benefits the environment and assets they provide and maintain for the community.

Supporting customers experiencing vulnerability

Councils have been looking to collaborate with us to understand how to maximise the benefits and reach of their own support programs. They are using our program and experience to help develop and refine their own.