We acknowledge that businesses have had it very tough through the pandemic and have had other priorities. We reached out to business groups across the region and sent a survey invitation to over 5,000 business customers and received 69 responses. This feedback was summarised and shared with the Community Panel.

Business and minor trade waste customers were provided with information about changes that are proposed and invited to provide feedback.

Intergenerational debt

Smaller business customers told us they have been hit hard by COVID-19 and are in a recovery phase. They do not want price increases in the short term. They are looking for support now and are less focused on future impacts.

Community contributions

Believe that supporting local businesses is now more important than ever. This includes using local services and materials to support local jobs and contribute to the liveability of the region. This will attract more people to visit, stay and spend money in the region.

Protecting against drought

Water is essential to many of them and they expect to have a reliable water supply. Most businesses are happy with the quality of their water supply, with only a few indicating improvements in quality and pressure are required.

Supporting customers experiencing vulnerability

Many customers have suffered from supply issues, staff shortages and customers being unable to access their business. We should look to continue to provide support for customers experiencing vulnerability and look for ways to support businesses during this recovery period.