We are working hard to continue to build strong relationships with Traditional Owner groups in our region, and to understand the needs and expectations of Indigenous customers. We interviewed two Traditional Owner groups and one Aboriginal Cooperative. We also carried out one-on-one interviews with five Indigenous customers as part of the work carried out with a Bill Simulator. We acknowledge that both of these groups have different needs and priorities and we will continue to work with them to build greater trust and understanding.

Intergenerational debt

Investment needs to meet the needs of the region. The cost should be shared over the generations. No generation should be disadvantaged. Supporting those who need help while ensuring that those who 'can' meet the cost of climate adaptation 'do' pay.

Community contributions

Need to support waterway health and the environment overall and understand cultural values; and provide access to water for cultural purposes. Educate customers to understand and appreciate water, display mindfulness in usage, and support local and Aboriginal businesses to provide local jobs.

Protecting against drought

We must work together to get better ecological outcomes to find a balance between urbanisation and maintaining healthy waterways. Significant action and investment are needed now for future use of Country.

Supporting customers experiencing vulnerability

Continue to support customers who need it and engage with them to identify and remove barriers to accessing support. Invest in educating customers to manage their own account and usage. A significant step to building trust is to meet with them in place, and develop trust with the leadership group of that community.