A digital data logger is new technology that attaches to your water meter, to create a digital meter. There’s lots of benefits that more than 45,000 Coliban Water customers are already experiencing. This includes no need for a manual meter read each quarter, faster leak detection and more accurate meter reads on your future water bills. There is no cost to customers.

Bendigo is one of the final areas for installation as we enter the latter stages of our large-scale roll out. We plan to start these installations from mid 2023 and continue through to mid 2024. We’ll be in touch with you as your install date approaches.

Identifying efficiencies and customer benefits

Digital data loggers allow us to receive information about your water use on a daily basis, so it will be easier to alert you when we detect a leak or unusual water usage. Previously we read water meters quarterly. This helps save customers money.

Once we install the data logger, we will need to inspect your water meter less often - only periodically or as required. Even if your meter has been hard to access in the past, your water bill will be accurate because of the digital data we receive.

We are working towards customers being able to access their own consumption data and track their usage in the future. Using data from across our region, we can better plan and prioritise capital works.

The leak alerts are based on unusual water usage, however everyone's water usage is different, so it is important that you continue to check for leaks. If you think you may have a leak, check for leaks around your home.

Installation and operation

Our contractor will attach a data logger to your existing water meter. This will take less than 30 minutes to install. The data logger transmits an encrypted signal to our IT infrastructure. We store the meter reads and use the information for billing purposes.

You do not need to be home for the installation, but we do ask that there is safe and clear access to the water meter. If your meter is difficult to access you can complete an online form to provide us with better instructions on how to access your water meter. We will aim to install the data logger the first time we attend your property. If we can’t install the data logger on the first visit, we may need to delay your installation date. The installation process will not affect your water supply.

Our meter readers will carry out two further manual meter reads to validate the new data logger.

Once validated, your water meter inspections will be carried out less often - only periodically or as required.

Customer safety and cost

Digital meters do not pose a health risk to customers or the community. The digital data logger is battery-operated and uses a low level of power. The data logger transmits a low-level radio frequency waves, which are well within Australian safety standards. The signal sent by the data logger is lower than that of a text message sent from a mobile phone.

There is no cost to you for installation. Your normal water usage fees and charges remain the same.

Ongoing maintenance

Like your existing water meter, the data logger is the property of Coliban Water. You won’t need to maintain the data logger. Please be mindful not to damage the device when mowing or landscaping. Coliban Water will repair or replace the device when needed. We will verify that the device is accurate once installed.

The operating temperature range of the digital device, including the battery, is -20 to +65 degrees Celsius. We will remove any existing cover and place it next to your meter or you can remove it before we visit. We will provide a cover to protect your meter from frost, if required. It is important you don't cover your meter with anything else as this can interrupt the signal.

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