Twice a year we run a program of maintenance and cleaning on our water mains known as air scouring. This is an important investment into our water networks, not only protecting the integrity of our assets, but ensuring we continue to provide high quality drinking water.

Upcoming air scouring programs

  • Our next round of air scouring will be in late 2024.

If your area is scheduled to be cleaned, you will receive a notification telling you what day and time water mains cleaning will be started in your street. Notifications are delivered seven days before works begin.

Air scouring that removes the natural build-up of sediment that occurs in water mains.

It involves sending a mixture of compressed air and water into the mains via hydrant, and out through another hydrant. You may see our contractors using fire hydrants to flush water from the system.

This will be done in a way to ensure no adverse impact on the environment.

During the works, the quality of the water in the network could temporarily be reduced. To avoid this water entering your home, we recommend not using the water during the Water Mains Cleaning window, usually about four hours.

The most effective way to stop water from entering your home is to turn off your stop tap (see diagram below). When water has been restored, you can turn your stop tap back on.

If you are unable to turn your stop tap off, we recommend you avoid using water during the air scouring. Please phone us on 1300 363 200 should you have any concerns, or if your stop tap is not working.

Prior to the time listed above we advise you to store sufficient water for your day’s needs. For convenience, water can be stored in containers in your refrigerator or in the bath. When your water is off, your toilet cistern won’t refill after you flush so you may want to fill a bucket with water which can be tipped into your toilet.

If you were unable to turn off your stop tap you may notice your water looks cloudy. We recommend you run your taps for about 15 minutes or until the water becomes clear again.

Your water supply remains safe to drink throughout the water mains cleaning program.

What is a stop tap?

Stop tap

What is air scouring?