Each year we carry out routine cleaning of water main networks to ensure we continue to deliver safe drinking water and high-quality services to our customers, and maintain our supply network infrastructure.

Upcoming water mains cleaning programs

  • We're cleaning the mains in Cohuna, Kennington, Strathdale, Quarry Hill and Flora Hill in May.

How we clean your mains

A range of techniques can be used including flushing, free chlorination, ice pigging and air scouring. Most commonly we use air scouring and free chlorination.

Why mains need cleaning

The ongoing maintenance of our water and sewer network:

  • helps prevent blockages
  • improves the efficiency and reliability of our service
  • ensures we deliver safe drinking water and meet Australian Drinking Water Guideline.
  • helps prevent issues such as sewer overflows or leaks.

Once the program is completed it is hoped that turbidity indicators and chlorine residuals will improve in the network.

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