We’re installing a new water main to increase the capacity, reliability and efficiency of our water network in the west of Bendigo.

This essential work between Golden Square, Maiden Gully and Marong will cater for population growth in the region for decades to come.

This pipeline development has been divided into six sections, across two project phases, and will take a number of years to complete, with construction for Section A now underway. See map below for details.

Construction will involve a mix of open trench and pipeline boring work. Local contractor S&R Engineering and Construction will be carrying out the works.

Marong water tank project already providing benefits

The Marong Tank project was completed in December 2021.

Installation of the new three-megalitre concrete tank and booster pump station at Sterry Road meant consistent water pressure in the town.

Huge population growth in the west of Bendigo was the catalyst for the Marong Tank Project which delivered improved network reliability for the community of Marong.

More growth is expected in Bendigo’s western suburbs in the coming years with the new pipeline to help support this area into the future.

Our Big Water Build