Right now, Coliban Water is tackling climate change and population growth head-on. This five-year program of time critical, large-scale infrastructure projects will help secure safe and reliable drinking water, sewage and rural water services for generations to come.

The investments we're making will underpin our region's prosperity and help us address the challenges we face.

Improving how we treat and reuse sewage

We often refer to sewage as 'wastewater'. But advances in technology and treatment processes, mean this valuable resource can be reliably reclaimed and reused to support the liveability of our growing communities, local industry, and for improved environmental outcomes.

Like most of our infrastructure, our Water Reclamation Plants were built to support regional cities and towns that were much smaller. Today, these facilities are operating close to capacity and will not support growth in demand from projected population growth and climate change.

Securing water supply and quality

Our region is built upon a complex network of pipes, pumps and valves designed to deliver clean, fresh drinking water to you.

We're working to repair, upgrade, and replace assets throughout the region to improve security of supply, pressure and quality to our customers.