Understanding the data

The river flow data is available for you to read below.

Before reading this data, there are some important things you should consider.

We are a highly regulated business and our water quality and flow data for the Kyneton WRP is supplied to the EPA on an annual basis as required by our licence.

Our EPA licence is assessed against annual (financial year) median results. Although licence calculations are based on the annual median, routine sampling is carried out, assessed by an accredited laboratory and the results reviewed to assess the ongoing performance of the WRP. If any results are high the treatment process is remedied accordingly.

We are releasing this 12-month data as a one off to illustrate both our compliance with the licence agreement, and the improvements made since the Kyneton Solutions Project has been underway. We will continue to provide this annually to the EPA, and they will publish this on their website.

There are four parts to the data provided. You can get a true picture of overall water quality by looking at the trends over time rather than individual sample results.