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Graphic banner that says 'Water Heroes'
A Water Hero uses water carefully and drinks enough water so their mind is alert and their body is always ready for exercise! Help your students become Water Heroes at home and school with the resources below, or by inviting us in to deliver an incursion.

Water Heroes Education Resources

You can also request one of our educators for an incursion for your four-year-old Kinder for term 4 2023.

Graphic banner that says 'Wonderful Water'
We’ll need a bit of space for this one, as we roll out a river, build a reservoir and a water treatment plant, before running some water pipes to homes, businesses and schools. We’ll also read a beautiful story about a water drop, see how water changes states (but never disappears!), and even do a bit of acting (who can act out a melting ice cube?).

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Lesson Plan - Wonderful Water

Slides - Wonderful Water

Resource A - Drinking Water System Elements

Resource B - Quiz Sheet

A graphic bar titled 'Flushed! (Prep to Grade 6)
What happens to the things we flush down the toilet? In Flushed! students will see and interact with (almost) all aspects of the sewage system – the unsung hero of infrastructure. We learn about what we did in the past and what we do now to treat our wastewater.
Graphic banner that says 'Our Precious Water'
With a focus on sustainability, students will learn about the role we all play in protecting the environment and conserving water. This lesson gives an overview of the urban water cycle and will challenge students to reflect on the responsibility we have for future generations.

Click the links below to download resources. Remember, you can request our educators to deliver this lesson at the top of the page.

Lesson Plan - Our Precious Water

Slides - Our Precious Water

Resource A - Water Cycle Diagrams

Resource B - Water Use Tournament

Graphic banner that says 'The Natural Water Cycle'
This lesson will ask students to consider: does water disappear? Is there ever new water? With a range of fun and engaging activities, students will build an understanding of the processes of the natural water cycle.
Graphic banner that says 'Healthy Water'
Why does your body need water? And what happens when it doesn’t get enough? This lesson helps students learn the importance of water to their health and wellbeing. It also prompts them to take action to reduce their intake of sugary drinks with the Hydration Challenge!

Water - Learn It! Live It!

A comprehensive set of curriculum resources to help students learn all about the water industry. The resources include a range of activities and projects for both Primary and Secondary Schools.