Gardening is about creating a beautiful and interesting space we can enjoy with our family and friends. It’s good for our physical health, mental wellbeing and social connection.

The Coliban Water region covers 16,500 square kilometres and the climate varies significantly from Trentham in the south to Cohuna in the north. Historically, our region has had a dry climate that has challenged gardeners.

Smart Gardens for a Dry Climate aims to provide inspiration, guidance, advice and further resources to help you get started. Gardening will always be about creating a beautiful and interesting space, we just need to adapt to the reality of our dry and changing climate.

The booklet includes:

  • Region focus - a look at soil types and climate from the nine local council areas across the Coliban Water region, with information on councils’ green waste and gardening initiatives.
  • Traditional lands - Harley Douglas, a Djaara man and project officer at Dja Dja Wurrung Enterprises, writes on the local plants used or food, medicine and fibre, and shares the Djaara language names for plants.
  • Design vision - inspirational illustrations with ideas for native, entertaining, children’s play, cottage and townhouse gardens.
  • Information on healthy soil, plant selection, water conservation practices, a visual plant guide and much more.

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