What happened

Rochester was severely impacted by the 2022 floods, with almost every house in the town impacted.

We were able to continue to provide safe drinking water, thanks to the flood wall protecting the Water Treatment Plant.

11 of the 13 sewer pump stations in the town were inundated. Our Rapid Assessment Teams hit the ground quickly and restored full service to the town.

How we're building back better

We are investigating what is required to raise all electrical cabinets above 2022 peak flood levels.

A prototype of an automatic rising electrical cabinet, which could be raised during floods, has been built. Investigation is now underway into developing more.

Rochester WTP flood wall

The 2011 floods resulted in significant impacts for customers in Rochester, after our Water Treatment Plant was inundated. Customers in the town were without water supply for almost six weeks as repairs were undertaken.

As a result of this event, we constructed a two metre high concrete wall around the Plant to protect it from future flooding.

The October flood event was the first true test of the wall and we are pleased to call it a success, with the Plant protected from the floodwater and able to continue to safely treat and supply the Rochester community with clean drinking water, and no interruption to customers.

map of rochester

Rochester post flood photos

Rochester Flood Wall construction

The Rochester flood wall was constructed after the devastating impacts of the 2011 floods.