Our commitment to our customers and stakeholders:

  • We will be clear about why we are engaging with you.
  • We will explain the level of influence that you have (for more information view IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation)
  • Where possible we will work with you to co-design our engagement activities.
  • We will use different channels to maximise opportunities and encourage diverse participation.
  • Our engagement will be planned, purposeful, inclusive and beneficial to all parties.
  • We will listen, confirm and carefully consider all feedback that we receive.
  • We will close the loop and tell you how your feedback has been used.

How we will engage:

  • Connect Coliban – our online engagement platform which allows you to obtain detailed information and provide feedback on a range of projects, proposals or initiatives.
  • Community pop ups – we visit your town and give you an opportunity to speak to us face to face and share your thoughts with us about local issues.
  • Events – we attend regional events with other stakeholders to be present and available as part of the broader community.
  • Customer Advisory Groups – we have customer advisory groups (CAG’s) that provide a customer voice to our planning and operational activities and hold us accountable to our customer promises.
  • Annual surveys – we independently or as an industry carry out a number of different surveys to understand the customer experience better.
  • Forums – we participate in industry forums to share knowledge, learnings and challenges with local stakeholder groups and support agencies.
  • Community groups – we work with established community groups and organisations across our region to understand their expectations and we can work with them.
  • Business as usual – we speak to different customers every day and we capture their feedback so that it can be used to inform our future planning.

Being customer centric

As a business we are focused on putting the customer at the heart of our decision making.

Our engagement efforts over several years tell us that our customers expect and value certain things the most. We call these things our customer outcomes or expectations

Through the development of our current price submission which covers 2023-2028, we have confirmed that customers expect us to:

  • Provide high quality water that is reliable and safe.
  • Be easy to deal with.
  • Enhance the environment.
  • Contribute to the prosperity of the region.
  • Make sure prices are fair.

We will continue to engage with customers to ensure that these outcomes remain relevant and in line with customer and community expectations.

We will utilise our Customer Advisory Groups to assess our performance against these commitments each year, and make the results available for all of our customers and stakeholders to see.