We’re upgrading the raw water supply to Laanecoorie Water Treatment Plant, securing a more reliable drinking water supply for residents of this region.

Our contractor, Simpson Construction, is building two new 1 ML concrete tanks standing 4.5m high and 20m in diameter, and a pump station housing two raw water pumps.

Once completed later this year, these new tanks will receive and store water from the South West Loddon Pipeline, providing better quality raw water to the plant.

Currently the plant sources raw water from the Loddon River.

At times this can be poor quality, meaning our plant has to work harder to turn raw water into drinking water.

Our plant supplies drinking water to Bealiba, Dunolly, Laanecoorie and Tarnagulla.

Customers may notice some slight changes to the look, taste or odour of their water supply when the switch is made to the South West Loddon Pipeline.

The drinking water will remain safe to drink.

We will contact residents prior to this change.