Customer and Community Rebates available for Kyneton and Malmsbury customers

We know an extended interruption to your water supply, low pressure, or a Boil Water Advisory is inconvenient - and not the standard of service we've committed to.

On Tuesday 11 April 2023 many of our customers in Kyneton experienced an interruption to their water supply following a burst water main, which progressed to a Boil Water Advisory for Kyneton and Malmsbury.

As part of our Customer and Community Rebates Program, we will apply a small credit to customers' bills by way of apology. We will also provide two Community Rebates values at $5,000 each (one for the Kyneton community and one for the Malmsbury community).

As a wholly customer-funded service provider, these rebates are a tangible way for us to acknowledge we have not met customers' expectations.

Rebate for customers

Customers in Kyneton and Malmsbury will automatically receive one of the following Customer Rebates on their May 2023 Coliban Water bill.

$50 Customer Rebate

For customers who experienced a water supply interruption of more than five hours.

$30 Customer Rebate

For customers who experienced a water supply interruption of less than five hours. While not covered by the Community Rebate program, the $30 amount is being applied as a goodwill gesture for customers.

Rebate for Community Groups

We are also providing community groups with the opportunity to apply for one of two Community Rebates valued at $5,000 each.

One Community Rebate will be awarded in Kyneton and one in Malmsbury following an expression of interest process.

The Community Rebates are designed to provide the whole community with a tangible benefit following the supply interruption and are structured to allow communities to identify a project or initiative of real community benefit.

Applications for the Community Rebates close on Friday 9 June 2023.

Recipients will be announced on Monday 10 July 2023. Recipients will be notified by phone and email and shared on our website and social media accounts.

About the Customer and Community Rebates

Our Customer and Community Rebates program was introduced as part of the 2018 Price Submission. The rebates are applied when we fail to meet nominated service standards for our customers.

What happened on 11 April?

Kyneton and Malmsbury's water supply is delivered through a highly pressurised network of pipes. The pressure is a necessary part of ensuring the treated water delivered to both communities from the Kyneton Water Treatment Plant meets all Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

On most occasions when a water main bursts, we can repair the fault without impacting supply.

The large water main that burst on 11 April quickly drained the treated water available in our storages at the Plant, and also reduced water pressure in our supply network. When this happens there is a risk that dirt or natural debris can enter the drinking water supply, either at the site of the burst or elsewhere.

When this happens, we implement a Boil Water Advisory in consultation with the Department of Health.

Timeline of events

After a Boil Water Advisory is implemented, we carry out a program of flushing, sampling and testing over multiple days to rule out the presence of any contamination.
  • Timeline item 1 - active

    Tuesday 11 April

    Water main burst, Rennick Avenue, Kyneton

  • Timeline item 2 - active

    Wednesday 12 April

    Repairs to the burst water main

  • Timeline item 3 - active

    Thursday 13 April

    Flushing of the water supply network in Kyneton and Malmsbury.

  • Timeline item 4 - active

    Friday 14 April

    Phase one sampling and testing of the drinking water supply.

  • Timeline item 5 - active

    Saturday 15 April

    Phase two sampling and testing of the drinking water supply.

  • Timeline item 6 - active

    Sunday 16 April

    Lifting of the Boil Water Advisory.

  • Timeline item 7 - active


    The test results completed found no contaminants present in the water supply. We continue to investigate what caused the water main to burst. Results will help us to avoid similar incidents in the future.