As Heathcote's population continues to grow, our Heathcote Water Reclamation Plant has seen wastewater inflows increase steadily in the past decade.

That increase means we are treating larger volumes of wastewater and turning it into recycled water for re-use.

Recycled water is a sustainable source of water that is rich in nutrients - and we're now looking for ways to share this anticipated excess with the community. It can be used to irrigate farmland or keep gardens green year-round.

We are running an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for Heathcote businesses and landowners interested in receiving this recycled water, as part of a long-term agreement.

Anyone within a 10km radius of Heathcote can apply. We are interested to receive applications from all parts of the community, regardless of how much land you own or how much water you would be interested to receive from us.

The EOI process has closed

Frequently Asked Questions

Recycled water is wastewater that’s been treated so it can be sustainably re-used for other purposes. Throughout our region we treat wastewater at our Water Reclamation Plants and find beneficial ways to re-use the water.

There are three types of recycled water. Please view our website for a full definition of each type.

A lagoon-based site is used at the plant with biological treatment processes, to produce Class C recycled water.

Class C recycled water may be used to irrigate cooked or processed human food crops. It can also be used for livestock grazing and fodder, as well for some human food crops that are eaten raw, such as apples, pears, table grapes and cherries. It can be used to irrigate some public open spaces such as sporting grounds, golf courses or and other areas, provided there are suitable controls on public access.

The Heathcote Water Reclamation Plant treats wastewater from almost 900 residential, business and industrial customers in the area. As the population of Heathcote increases over time, so does the amount of wastewater we treat.

This means, in turn, the plant will produce more recycled water.

To date we’ve had successful long-term partnerships within the community for re-use of recycled water, and as we continue to grow, we’re now looking at further opportunities that may help us distribute this water.

Recycled water is a reliable source of water that is suitably treated for agricultural use and rich in nutrients. We are committed to finding sustainable and beneficial ways to use our anticipated surplus of recycled water.

Recycled water helps parks and gardens remain green year-round. It is also used for irrigation on farms and supports local industry.

Yes, there is a cost to use recycled water.

The cost can vary, and is dependant on factors such as infrastructure required to supply it, management of the supply and any benefits associated with the end-use (for example, public benefits).

We will accept EOI forms from anyone within approximately 10 kilometres of Heathcote who may wish to use recycled water. We’ll need you to outline what you intend to use it for and the volume you’d wish to receive.

Expressions of Interest are open from 9am on Monday 17 July to 5pm on Monday 14 August.

This will vary as we assess applicants on a case-by-case basis, and determine their needs. Where significant investment is required to supply recycled water to a property, the minimum agreement length is 20 years.

Assessments and in-principle agreements may take several months, but construction of pipes, storage and infrastructure could take several years to complete. Timing of supply will depend on these factors.

After completing an EOI, we will meet with applicants directly to go through a more detailed assessment of their needs.

No. We will assess applications for recycled water on a case-by-case basis, using a transparent and accountable evaluation process.