Construction on a five kilometre trunk water main is almost complete, connecting the growing suburbs of Epsom and Huntly.

The new water main is a key piece of infrastructure and will be one of the largest water supply pipeline projects installed in our region. Once complete, the new water main will help boost water flows in the area.

Construction has involved a mix of open trench and pipeline boring works, and traffic management will be in place.

A number of cross-connections will branch off the new trunk main.

Local contractor S & R Engineering and Construction is carrying out the pipeline works.

Update: November 2023

Pipeline commissioning works are underway.

We've been working behind the scenes to turn this new pipeline on as soon as we can. At the moment, we're planning final flushing and chlorination work as part of the process to complete commissioning. Once this is complete, we can turn the pipeline on.

Update: September 2023

We are close to the end of this project with the pipeline completely installed.

It will now be tested and commissioned before being turned on by the end of November.

The new five-kilometre pipeline will provide improve water pressure to more than 6200 homes

It is expected to serve the community for at least the next 25 years particularly in service areas around Epsom and Huntly where new residential estates are being established.

An estimated maximum flow rate of 91 litres per second will be available in the new pipeline with up to 4 megalitres per day is expected to be supplied to customers during periods of extreme heat.

Residents should notice better water pressure immediately, but the big difference will be noticeable in the summer months when water demand is higher.

We thank residents for their patience during the project.

Update: May 2023

Our contractors are completing the final stages of work on the Epsom-Huntly Pipeline.

Final works include some trenching and boring at Ironstone Rd, and connecting some smaller water mains to the new pipeline. We’re also finishing work at Station St and at the Howard/Station St intersection over the next few weeks.

You may also see our contractors carrying out final reinstatement works.

Following construction, we’ll test and commission the new pipeline in late July.

There may be some fluctuations in water pressure during this time as we flush the pipeline before use.

By mid-August, customers in Epsom and Huntly should notice an improvement in their water pressure.

The major difference will be noticed in the warmer months when demand for water is higher.

Epsom Huntly pipeline diagram

Epsom Huntly pipeline diagram