Castlemaine landowners and businesses love to keep their community green and growing. A reliable and sustainable water supply for the future is important as our climate becomes hotter and drier.

Recycled water is already providing benefits to the community and will continue to sustain our communities into the future. This water supply boosts environmental flows in Campbells Creek and contributes to supporting a platypus population as well as other flora and fauna.

High-water users such as farmers, growers and cropping businesses now have a new opportunity to use recycled water.

From Thursday 1 February 2024 we'll be opening our Expressions of Interest process via this webpage. This is for interested applicants to apply for the purchase and reuse of Class B and C recycled water from the Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant.

Recycled water is a reliable source of water that is suitably treated for agricultural use and rich in nutrients and we are committed to finding sustainable and beneficial ways to use it.

The Expressions of Interest period has now closed.

  • Key dates

    Expressions of Interest have now closed.

  • Who can apply

    Anyone within 10km of our Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant on Langslow Street.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recycled water is wastewater that’s been treated so it can be sustainably reused for other purposes. Throughout our region we treat wastewater at our water reclamation plants and find beneficial ways to re-use the water.

There are three types of recycled water. Please view our website for a full definition of each type.

There’s a lot to love about recycled water.

  • It is a reliable and sustainable source of water.
  • It contributes to our circular economy and the sustainability of our environment.
  • It is safe for many uses.

The Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant produces Class B and C recycled water, which can be used to irrigate farms, cropping enterprises, businesses, sports grounds and agricultural irrigation under Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victorian Guidelines for Water Recycling.

Population growth and climate change, means we need to modernise and adapt our Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant.

The Castlemaine plant treats wastewater from more than 15,500 people across Castlemaine and surrounding communities. As the population of Castlemaine increases over time, so does the amount of wastewater we treat.

This means, in turn, the plant will produce more recycled water.

About 50 ML of recycled water is currently reused in Castlemaine, including at the Castlemaine Golf Club.

Yes, there is a cost to use recycled water however it’s often cheaper and more cost-effective than potable water.

The cost can vary and is dependent on infrastructure required, management of the supply and any benefits associated with end-use.

See our Fees and Charges page for more details.

Customers and high-water users within 10km of our Castlemaine plant are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest through this webpage.

Ideally, we are looking for large water users like farmers, cropping enterprises, businesses or sports grounds. We will consider your current water use, intended use, estimated volume and quality.

An ideal applicant would be able to clearly articulate their current water use and what a new recycled water supply would be used for, with detail on volumes and quality expected and be able to enter into a long-term agreement with us.

Expressions of Interest have now closed. They were open from 1 February 2024 to 29 February 2024.

Where significant investment is required to supply recycled water to a property, the minimum agreement length is 20 years.

Agreement lengths will vary and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Assessments and in-principle agreements may take several months. Construction of pipes, storage and infrastructure could take several years to complete.

Timing of supply will depend on these factors.

After completing an Expression of Interest, we will be in touch in early March

No. We will assess each application and consider its merits, using a transparent and accountable evaluation process.

Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant upgrades

This project is part of a larger program of works that will upgrade our Castlemaine plant. Find out more about our planned upgrades here.