The Brush-tailed Phascogale is tree-dwelling marsupial carnivore. It has a characteristic, black, bushy ‘bottlebrush’ tail, with hairs up to 4 cm long. Its fur is grey above and pale cream below and it has conspicuous black eyes and large naked ears.

Several of our properties are habitats for the Phascogale, which we protect and monitor.

We employ Peppergreen Farm, a social enterprise of Access Australia Group, to build nesting boxes to improve their habitat.

The nesting boxes are used to study numbers and movements of the mammals and birds that use them.

Nesting boxes aim to improve connectivity between the One Tree Hill National Park and the Bendigo Regional Park and provide refuge points for these mammals and birds.

The boxes were first introduced at Spring Gully Reservoir by the Bendigo Field Naturalists more than 20 years ago, with volunteers helping to monitor species over the years.

Nesting Box Program