The nationally-threatened Eltham Copper Butterfly has been discovered at Bendigo’s Spring Gully Reservoir as part of a flora and fauna survey.

The Eltham Copper Butterfly is also known as Paralucia pyrodiscus lucida.

Their habitat is defined by the presence of a shrub called Sweet Bursaria (Bursaria spinosa) and Notoncus ants that this species of butterfly is reliant on it for its lifecycle to occur.

A range of site habitat assessments and surveys have been carried out to map the presence of the species.

The butterfly when it is most active in late November to early April each year.

The butterflies are recorded with GPS coordinates and photographed where possible.

The Eltham Copper Butterfly is one of three nationally-threatened species found on land managed by Coliban Water. The others are the Matted Flax-lily & Growling Grass Frog.

Eltham copper butterfly