The population of Bendigo continues to grow, particularly in the key growth corridors of Marong, Maiden Gully, Huntly and Strathfieldsaye. This means the infrastructure that delivers drinking water and sewerage services is reaching capacity.

Some customers living in these areas experience lower water pressures, particularly on hot days when the systems become stressed.

The Maiden Gully and Marong Water Growth Project is part of our long term strategy to provide additional security of supply for the continued growth of the area and improved water pressure, particularly during periods of hot weather.

During Phase One of the project we will invest approximately $7.5 M for infrastructure works, including a new water storage tank and booster pump station in Marong, and new water mains across key areas of Marong and Maiden Gully.


We have engaged Simpson Construction for the delivery of various storage tanks and booster pump stations across our region over the coming years. In regards to the Marong storage tank and booster pump station works, we expect to appoint a contractor in early 2021. Expected completion of these works is currently mid-February 2022.

We will go to the market inviting tenders to deliver the new water mains, as part of a larger project including water mains works in Huntly and Strathfieldsaye. The contractor for the project will be appointed in early to mid 2021, with a view to construction commencing in the second half of 2021. Works across Maiden Gully and Marong will be delivered as a series of packages over the following 2 years.

What to expect

The project will involve the construction of
• a 3 ML of clear water storage, booster pump and associated pipework at Sterry Rd, Marong.
• 6.5 km of water mains from Golden Square to increase the water supply to Maiden Gully region.

Early works on the projects will include site inspections, surveys and inspections along the pipelines alignments and at the proposed tank site in Sterry Road, Marong and discussions with local stakeholders, including landowners along the pipeline alignment in addition to traditional landowners.

Whilst every effort is being taken to minimise the impact upon the community, some works, particularly in relation to the installation of water mains alongside roadways, may require short term traffic controls to be put in place. Where practical, construction techniques will be employed to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.