Welcome to the Campaspe System

Our Campaspe system supplies the township of Goornong.

We service around 192 water connections. There is no wastewater service in this system, with a population of more than 650.

Raw water for the township of Goornong is sourced from the Campaspe River, approximately 7 kilometres to the east. Water is pumped from the river to the Goornong service basin which can hold up to six megalitres.

The Goornong Water Treatment Plant is located on the Goornong-Fosterville Road (near the intersection with Bagshot Street) in the west of the town. The plant can treat up to 80 kilolitres a day.

The treated water is held in four clearwater storages with a total capacity of 220 kilolitres and pumped to the Goornong elevated tank and into the water network.

There is no wastewater network for the township of Goornong. Townships without wastewater systems generally have septic tanks or other onsite wastewater systems to treat and dispose of or recycle domestic wastewater at unsewered sites.

There is an Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria Code of Practice for Onsite Wastewater Management and the local councils are responsible for the developing and managing domestic wastewater programs and plans.

Securing our water future

Our priority is securing water for our customers and ensuring the demand for water is met for the next 50 years.

We use water resource and climate data from the last 130 years, as well as population growth, household water usage and climate change projections to forecast our future water resource position.

We need to continually adapt to meet these challenges, and balance the social, environmental and economic needs to plan for a sustainable future.

Our Urban Water Strategy identifies the best mix of actions to provide water services now and into the future. Building bigger and better infrastructure is not the only way to ensure security of supply. We can look for new ways to reduce the water we use, find new water sources, or reuse more water.

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Our Community

Our vibrant region is full of passionate people, interesting stories and hard-working groups who support the biodiversity and livability of the area.