Welcome to the Trentham Groundwater System

Our Trentham Groundwater System only supplies the town of Trentham.

We service around 707 water connections and 649 wastewater connections for a population of more than 1,180.

Raw water for the township of Trentham is sourced from spring discharge into two reservoirs, which have a combined capacity of 91 megalitres, and supplemented by groundwater bores.

Raw water is treated at the Trentham Water Treatment Plant located on Lagoon Road, in North Blackwood, southeast of the Trentham. The water treatment process includes ultrafiltration, granular activated carbon filter and chlorination.

Wastewater from customers in Trentham is treated at the

Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant, located north of Kyneton on the Kyneton-Redesdale Road. The Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant consists of two treatment systems. Wastewater from the townships of Kyneton, Malmsbury, Trentham and Tylden is treated in the domestic wastewater treatment plant.

Tertiary treated Class B recycled water is used to irrigate the Kyneton racecourse, sports grounds, botanic gardens, Hardwick’s farm and onsite irrigation. In winter, water is stored in the onsite lagoons awaiting irrigation over summer or released to the Campaspe River in accordance with our EPA licence. Biosolids are reused for agricultural purposes.

Securing our water future

Our priority is securing water for our customers and ensuring the demand for water is met for the next 50 years.

We use water resource and climate data from the last 130 years, as well as population growth, household water usage and climate change projections to forecast our future water resource position.

We need to continually adapt to meet these challenges, and balance the social, environmental and economic needs to plan for a sustainable future.

Our Urban Water Strategy identifies the best mix of actions to provide water services now and into the future. Building bigger and better infrastructure is not the only way to ensure security of supply. We can look for new ways to reduce the water we use, find new water sources, or reuse more water.

Investments in this region

  • Completed the Trentham Town Vision and Water Resource and Recovery Plan (WARRP), which looks at the long term needs of the town.
  • Installed new groundwater production bores and increased the license volume by 55 megalitres per year.
  • Renewed Trentham Water Treatment Plant (WTP) filters.
  • Installed facilities to enable tankering of water to the WTP if required.
  • Installed digital water meters on customer properties.

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Trentham Groundwater Project

We're securing water for the future of Trentham.