Facility Tours

Tours provide schools and the community with an opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see how our water and wastewater facilities deliver the services that our customers rely on.

If you would like to attend a tour please complete our tour registration form, at least 14 days before your proposed tour date.

Tours run with 8 - 20 participants and the tour is conducted on a working industrial site so participants must be able to stand for long periods of time, walk over uneven ground and climb stairs.

If you don't meet these requirements please note this in your registration form and we will work with you to plan a modified tour.

We look forward to having you tour one of our many treatment plants.

Site Visits

Our treatment plants and other sites have a rich history and are home to an array of fauna and flora. Individuals can request access to these sites for recreational or educational purposes.

Before access is granted, visitors must complete a comprehensive induction and apply for a permit before each visit. Permits for recreational activities will be issued for one day only. A new permit must be issued for any subsequent visits.

You can apply for permits on this page at least 7 days before your intended visit date.

Water reclamation plant

Aerial image of Epsom Water Reclamation Plant