Welcome to the Goulburn System

Our Goulburn System supplies the towns of Rochester, Pyramid Hill, Boort, Lockington, Mitiamo, Serpentine, Dingee, Jarklin, Mysia and Macorna.

We service around 2,760 water connections and 2,315 wastewater connections for a population of about 6,000.

Water is sourced from the regulated Goulburn River System via the Waranga Western Channel, which is managed by Goulburn-Murray Water. Serpentine and Jarklin are connected to the East Loddon Pipeline; and Mitiamo is connected to the Mitiamo Pipeline.

Raw water is treated at our water treatment plants in Boort, Lockington, Pyramid Hill, Rochester and Serpentine and supplied to customers through our water supply network.

Water in Mitiamo, Dingee, Jarklin, Mysia and Macorna is untreated, non-drinking water.

Wastewater is collected through our sewer network and treated at our water reclamation plants at Boort, Rochester and Pyramid Hill.

There is no sewerage system for Serpentine, Mitiamo, Dingee, Jarklin, Mysia and Macorna.

Lockington has a hybrid sewerage system: all properties have onsite septic tanks which discharge to our sewer system.

Sewage is treated at the Lockington Water Reclamation Plant (WRP).

The recycled water produced at our water reclamation plants is supplied to local irrigators. Biosolids are reused for agricultural purposes.

Securing our water future

Our priority is securing water for our customers and ensuring the demand for water is met for the next 50 years.

We use water resource and climate data from the last 130 years, as well as population growth, household water usage and climate change projections to forecast our future water resource position.

We need to continually adapt to meet these challenges, and balance the social, environmental and economic needs to plan for a sustainable future.

Our Urban Water Strategy identifies the best mix of actions to provide water services now and into the future. Building bigger and better infrastructure is not the only way to ensure security of supply. We can look for new ways to reduce the water we use, find new water sources, or reuse more water.

Investments in this system

These are some of the projects we have invested in for the Goulburn System since our last Urban Water Strategy in 2017:

  • Upgraded capability to pump water from Campaspe River to the Rochester Water Treatment Plant (WTP).
  • Continued to reuse 100% of recycled water from the Rochester WTP to support agricultural production.
  • Reduced energy usage at the Serpentine WTP by 25%.
  • Renewed inlet pumps and programmable logic controller (PLC) at the Boort WTP.
  • Installed tanks in our raw water towns to enable tankering of water during blue green algae incidents.
  • Connect directly to the raw water pipeline and store raw water in tanks in Mitiamo. There is a planned upgrade to this storage.

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