Welcome to the Coliban Southern System

Our Coliban System Southern supplies the towns of Castlemaine, Kyneton, Maldon, Newstead, Malmsbury, Harcourt, Elphinstone, Tylden and Taradale

We service around 11,675 water connections and 9,649 wastewater connections for a population of more than 21,000.

Raw water is supplied by our Coliban River catchment storages: Upper Coliban, Lauriston and Malmsbury Reservoirs, located near Kyneton.

Raw water is treated at our water treatment plants in Castlemaine and Kyneton and supplied to customers through our water supply network.

Wastewater is collected through our sewer network and treated at our water reclamation plants at Castlemaine and Kyneton.

Our plants also treat wastewater from commercial sites in accordance with trade waste agreements and consents. These businesses range from cafes to large industries.

The WRP produces treated Class B recycled water that's used to irrigate local farmland, the Kyneton racecourse, sports grounds and botanic gardens as well as the extensive irrigation system onsite at the WRP.

Securing our water future

Our priority is securing water for our customers and ensuring the demand for water is met for the next 50 years.

We use water resource and climate data from the last 130 years, as well as population growth, household water usage and climate change projections to forecast our future water resource position.

We need to continually adapt to meet these challenges, and balance the social, environmental and economic needs to plan for a sustainable future.

Our Urban Water Strategy identifies the best mix of actions to provide water services now and into the future. Building bigger and better infrastructure is not the only way to ensure security of supply. We can look for new ways to reduce the water we use, find new water sources, or reuse more water.

Investments in this system

These are some of the projects we have invested in for the Coliban Southern System since our last Urban Water Strategy in 2017:

  • Renewal of Castlemaine Water Treatment Plant (WTP) micro-filtration systems.
  • Significant renewals of Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) including renewal of Castlemaine WRP UV system.
  • Decommissioned Poverty Gully rural system to reduce water losses.
  • Renewal of Kyneton WTP micro-filtration systems
  • Kyneton WRP solution project upgrades – trade waste treatment, storage and reuse.
  • Kyneton WRP offsets project.
  • Renewal of Kyneton WRP UV system.
  • Renewal of Jeffrey St sewage pump station rising main.
  • Installed new town water pressure boosting system at Tilwinda Views and Church St.
  • Completed the Kyneton, Castlemaine and Trentham Town Vision and Water and Recovery Resource Plan projects which look at the long term needs of each town.
  • Taken on management of some standpipes in the region.
  • Installed digital water meters on properties across the region.
  • Improved visitor facilities and land management at reservoirs.

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