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Learn more about your water: where it comes from, how it's treated and how it can be used in your area.

We visit towns in our region to understand the needs of different communities.

The Community Pop Ups program gives you an opportunity to meet with our staff face to face.

We understand that different communities have different needs and we value your feedback. It helps us to better understand the communities where we provide services.

Let us know below if you would like us to visit your town, attend a local committee meeting or participate in your event.

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Community Pop Ups

Rural Customer Advisory Group

We have 9 rural customers that form our RCAG, who represent our various channel systems. They meet with us quarterly and help us to understand rural customer needs around engagement, rural operations and water trading. They are:

  • Brian Stephens and Paul Mannes – Eppalock Pipeline
  • Malcolm Burrows – Harcourt
  • Charles Thompson – Specimen Hill
  • Jon Vercoe – Lockwood
  • Mark Browne – Ascot (Ellesmere Channel)
  • Jeremy White – Emu Valley
  • Colin Millar – Coliban Main
  • Barb Hamilton – Axe Creek

At present we are still seeking a representative for our Spring Gully system.

If you would like to know more about RCAG please go to our website or call 1300 363 200.

Our Community

Our vibrant region is full of passionate people, interesting stories and hard-working groups who support the biodiversity and livability of the area.